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SCIACC WMA Board of Directors

Elected Officers:

Joe PyleChairperson/Treasurer, Monroe Co. SWCD Commissioner

Steve Mc Combs: Vice-Chair, Marion Co. Board of Supervisors

Linda Heller: Co-Treasurer, City of Albia

Charles Moore: Co-Treasurer, Appanoose Co. SWCD Commissioner

Janelle K. RandauSecretary, Project Coordinator SCIACC WMA/Monroe Co. SWCD

Board of Directors:

Charles Moore: Appanoose Co. SWCD Commissioner

Dennis Smith: Lucas Co. Board of Supervisors

Jeff Telleen: Lucas Co. SWCD Commissioner

TBA: Mahaska Co. SWCD Commissioner

Steve McCombs: Marion Co. County Board of Supervisors

TBA: Marion Co. SWCD Commissioner

Mike Beary: Monroe Co. Board of Supervisors

Joe Pyle: Monroe Co. SWCD Commissioner

Mike DeCook: Monroe Co. producer

Linda Heller: City of Albia  

Cody Ryan/John Parkin (Alt.): City of Melrose

Jim Nelson (at-large): Monroe Co. PF/QF

Tyler Christian (alternate): Marion Co. Board of Supervisors/Secondary Roads Dept. Engineer

Jeremiah Selby (alternate): Monroe Co. Board of Supervisors/Secondary Roads Dept. Engineer


Supporting Information

Watershed Management Plan Coming Soon

Our Vision

Is to engage community efforts that will benefit our natural resources today, while improving soil health and protecting water quality of Cedar Creek for tomorrow.

Our Mission

Is to collaborate with its members to increase awareness while engaging the public in protecting Cedar Creek and its watershed to improve soil conservation and water quality for generations to come.


Cedar Creek has a large watershed covering 269,512 acres and is comprised of 14 sub-watersheds that extends into 5 local counties: Appanoose, Lucas, Mahaska, Marion and Monroe. The headwaters start in Lucas County and at the Appanoose - Monroe County line, where it extends northward into Marion County, out-letting at the Des Moines River two miles south of Tracy, Iowa, which is approximately 16 miles north of Eddyville, Iowa.


Due to water quality issues caused by severe flooding and erosion problems, a local non-profit group known as a Watershed Management Authority (WMA), was organized to collaborate and implement solutions addressing these issues to improve water quality.


On August 13, 2015, with full support from Appanoose, Lucas, Mahaska, Marion and Monroe Soil Water Conservation Districts, along with Lucas, Marion and Monroe County Board of Supervisors, and City of Albia and Melrose Municipalities, a working agreement (28E) was established  formally founding the “South Central Iowa Cedar Creek Watershed Management Authority” (SCIACC WMA).

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Despite residents’ best efforts and long history of attempting to mitigate challenges in the watershed, Cedar Creek still experiences significant flooding and water quality issues. An estimated 329,080.00 tons of sediment, equivalent to 16,454 dump truck loads, of soil is being lost every year. That’s enough soil to fill a 16 story building on Kinnick stadium every year! As a result, the South Central Iowa Cedar Creek WMA established the following goals to address issues in the watershed. Meeting these goals will be key to this project’s success. As more frequent and destructive flood events occur water quality downstream will only continue to deteriorate from excessive sedimentation and nutrient loss. This is and will continue to be very costly, not only in terms of agricultural losses, but also for those who use the Des Moines River downstream!

  1. Provide community awareness & education

  2. Reduce sediment reaching Cedar Creek by applying conservation practices

  3. Reduce flooding and protect infrastructure

  4. Increase safety

  5. Improve water quality

  6. Protect and sustain our natural resources

  7. Support a healthy stream & wildlife habitat

  8. Support productive land uses & recreation



●Farm Bureau - Monroe, Lucas, Marion and Mahaska ● SWCD - Appanoose, Lucas, Mahaska, Marion, Monroe Counties

● County Board of Supervisors - Lucas, Marion, Monroe ● City of Albia and Melrose ● Pheasants Forever - Monroe, Lucas, Marion and Mahaska

● IDNR ● IDALS ● Pathfinders RC&D ● IFC/IIHR ● USGS ● Ottumwa Water & Hydro  ● IA DOT ● Albia Chamber of Commerce

If you are interested in becoming a partner with South Central Iowa Cedar Creek WMA, please contact monroe.county.swcd@gmail.com